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When you place your testicles into a fish tank with fish food on them for exfoliation.
Sal's balls no longer itch since he got the job at pet smart. He has been sponge bobbing when the shop closes for two weeks.
by SALDANBOB February 20, 2009
To appear homosexual based on a comment or action with no indended sexuality.

From the ridiculous assumption that popular cartoon character Sponge Bob is gay; as decried by James Dobson.
If one straight guy tells another that his pants look good - he's spongebobbing.
by Stinkoman January 27, 2005
The act of feeling the middle bit between the inside of the vagina and anus with thumb and forefingers – like a warm juicy sponge
did you shag her?.... "nah just did a bit of spongebobbing"
by Greglish February 15, 2011

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