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its really dumb ass school!!!!!!!! and you dont need to smoke pot to hate it!!were the scary ambercrombie girls are top and the " wanna be skater poyheads" kids are like, cool? and the rest and all labled by the "cool ones" w/e
person 1 "i hate life!"
person 2 "i hate school, esashaly pjhs!"
by sskyyyyyyyy November 16, 2005
What Mollie meant to say is that PJHS is the worst school ever, and she DIDNT get caught snorting coke in Mr.Murphys class because shes "smart."

But yes, this school does suck fat ass Ron jeremy cock. It is impossible to not get caught doing something. Has some of the most fucking bitchiest yard duties ever! Expecially Linda- the most bitchiest ever. Grandma and Ricki and Renee are cool though. Ms.Jager is pretty cool, and so is Mrs.Sullivan.

But most of the teachers suck dick
I was suspended 9 times last year, and got 107 referrals, I only have 23 this year because I have to be good or else I wont promote.
by Remy's Bitch January 23, 2005
worst school in p-town i hate that school mr.Hoppes kicked me out twice i got caught smoking pot ther its a fucking spick school like more then hafe are spicks once in class i was snortng coke mr.murfy didet get caught because im smart not relly the drugs made me dumb but ya
fag school pice of shit ass school!!!!!!!!!!!
by #1stoner mollie January 20, 2005
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