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Noun: British slang term meaning

A) money in general, especially cash
B) pounds sterling

An abbreviation of the slang term "spondulicks".
My car insurance has gone up to £1,200 a year after I lost my no-claims bonus.

That's a lot of sponds!
by Kilkrazy April 21, 2005
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A unit of currency in the British Isles; one pound. Also 5 x 20 denk. The word 'Spond' is a shortening, presumably, of Spondulick, and remains as 'Spond' either in the singular or plural.
"This car was supposed to be 300 spond, but i knocked him down to 250"
by Matt Hindle November 05, 2003
A spond (noun) is a group invitation, or group request, sent by a social initiator.
I got a spond from Fred. He wants to organize a trip to the mountain with all his former class mates.

I will send you all a spond, then it's easy to see who's coming or not. to the opera next month.
by Rufus Hammersmith June 17, 2014
To spond (verb) means to send a group invitation or group request in order to organize an event.
Shall we get together for a high school reunion? I'll spond.

Let me spond, then it's easy to see who's coming or not to soccer practice next Thursday.
by Rufus Hammersmith June 17, 2014
a very retarded human being
chris white is a fucking spond
by james macdonald February 01, 2005
To "watch" a movie late at night with a memeber of the oppiste sex
yeah, last lips are sore from sponding with linda last night
by J L April 17, 2003

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