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The second largest city in Washington State,has it's middle upper class neighborhoods like the Southill and the more lower class neighborhoods like West Central or Hillyard. Known for meth and prostitution in some areas. Has a 100 acre park park downtown and held expo'74. There is a lot of white trash and alot of wiggers, but has most of their black people around downtown.First thing you'll notice might be all the homeless people, that care more about meth than money. Not that bad of a city if you like the outdoors or if your just looking for weed. I might move back next week to meet up with my old 18th street homies
UPPERCLASS GUY: Spokane is very nice, I love the parks and I don't run into them dirty theiving negroes much up on the southill.

HOMELESS GUY DOWNTOWN: Man nigga, Fuck spokane
by P. Rodriguez April 29, 2006
Spokane has its pros and cons, just like and other place...the pros are that its dirt cheap to live here, for the most part the crime rate is low (at least compared to bigger cities), there are some cool people, its fairly close to portland and seattle, you get the full four seasons here; super hot summers and crazy snow filled winters, theres alot of beautiful parks i.e. manito, riverfront, etc., Gonzaga University, Eastern University, and whitworth University...and now for the cons: too many gangmembers relocating here from CA, its cause a huge rise in crime the past year especially, its gotten so bad that i dont ever leave the house without mace...its making me want to move matter a fact...theres alot more i could mention but i keep going over the 1500 character limit...
spokane has lots of junkies...but its hidden here, not like big cities where you see it all over the streets...
by kat233 November 29, 2009
Spokane is a pretty medium sized city in east Washington. Too much homemade drugs and rape
Guy1:Want to go to Spokane?
Guy2:No, I hate that place.
by yO'' October 30, 2005
Yay for Spokane, lets rave
by MIKE&IKE March 03, 2012
The meth, mullet, and hell hole of the world. Nothing but white trash and white supremacy located in this industrial town where depression originated. The people here feel way too optimistic about their town and the attractions it brings which include the worlds fair in the 70's and a lousy street race called bloomsday. If it wasn't for Gonzaga University, this town would be a nuclear testing site!
American History X + NRA + cheap homemade drugs = Spokane
by John Kerry March 25, 2005
Spokane is a scenic and beautiful city in many ways,geographicaly speaking, yet it is a VERY VERY ridiculously exploitational and ultimately dysfunctional in its mentality/economy and also very dysfunctional within its societal behaviours in business and on many more personal levels. There are WAY WAY WAY too many people here, of all ages, who do almost nothing exciting or productive with their lives (which definately does NOT include ME). They seem to enjoy to continue to make their repeated punk ass weak ass attempts at screwing eachother in "supposedly" fair business...NOT. This town is NOT fair...Yet neither is Life...LOL... Trust ME, I work from my home, TRY IT here in Spokane and you too will know EXACTLY what I REALLY mean. The mentality of MANY people here is plain ignorant narrow-mindedness and stupidity to be further brutally honest. I dont hate people I just hate the way most of the people here think. IDIOTS... I feel like I am surrounded by genuine idiots most times here...lazy ass low lifes who very rarely respect the prices of a self employed artist who almost forever struggles to "Make It" working from his home, yet they seem to endlessly continue to bow down to the corporate giants and their $ET pricing, yet they take every chance they think they got to kick ME in the nuts over my ALREADY fair pricing...like it is a negotiation or something...NOT. The Cottage Industry needs and also EXPECTS its pricing to be respected, and yet to also continue to remain FAIR...Like I have always been, with these rude unappreciative cheap ass brow beating jerks. Spokane can kiss my ass.
meth, rape, freaks, crappy amateur hour grafitti everywhere
no decent paying jobs exploitation ignorance narrow mindedness massive conservatism Undeserved Rudness Spokane Sucks
You know that a city is truly awful when, even on the main street, buildings are boarded up and the parking lots boasting the most cars are Goodwill, Pawn One, the army surplus and Spokane Discount. That’s right; Spokane Discount. This town is trash. Another good indicator of trashdom is when the prize for being the twentieth caller to the local Top 40 station is a free tattoo at Silver Safari. And what does the dumb cow who wins want to get emblazoned on her skin? “Cherries!” she cries. “On the back of my neck!” I guess that will look really good when you’re lining up at Social Security with your two grade-schoolers, eight months preggers, Ford Pinto rotting outside with a “This is America! Speak English!” bumper sticker stuck on its ass. Don’t for a second imagine that you could leave your snotty offspring in the car, however, because Spokane has enough registered sex-offenders per capita to keep the Spokesman Review’s opinion page occupied until the next time a homophobic mayor solicits local high school boys online. I’m sorry, did I get a little off track? The only track I’m really interested in is I-90 West. Let me reiterate: I hate Spokane.
People who use the work "Spokompton" to describe this awful hell-hole are usually not trying to be clever or bad-ass. They're most likely just trying to explain how ghetto Spokane is. "Spokrapton" is my personal favorite and I like to think I made it up, but I imagine others have come up with this monkier before.
by Jane MDC September 06, 2006
I grew up in Spokane, and I'm proud of it. Sure, there are pot heads, meth addicts, and all sort of other druggies. We also have white people, black people, Indians, breast cancer survivors, old people, babies, young people, adults, teenagers, gays, lesbians, straight people, Buddhists, atheists, Catholics, Christians, and every other type of person. JUST LIKE EVERY BIG CITY! Quit talking trash about the city which I love. There are beautiful aspects if you would look past all the little problems. There are many places to ski within 2 hours of the city, and you don't have to go far to find good places to hike. There are bike trails, and a river to go kayaking in. Many good bands come through here, we have many good local radio stations. People from outside of Spokane often come to Spokane to go shopping because we have excellent malls. Although there are some problems with the city, Spokane has an incredible youth outreach program, and offers amazing opportunities. We once held the World's fair. North Central Highschool was one of the top 100 highschools in America a few years back. All in all, Spokane offers many opportunities, it's just full of idiots who apparently don't know how to except opportunities. As for the meth problem, why doesn't anyone whining about it go do something, instead of complaining about how no one else does?
Person one: my friend is from Spokane, she has such an awesome school, and she's always going and having fun!
Person two: she has fun doing drugs, haha of course she has fun!
Person one: no... she has fun hiking, biking, kayaking, shopping, and making a difference. She's always busy!
Person two: haha no way!
Person one: Spokane is not as bad as everyone thinks, it's actually pretty cute!
by jklfsdkjlsfdjlk June 05, 2011