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Single Point of Blame (SPOB). A management term designed to identify the individual who will bear full responsibility for the failure of a project regardless of whose fault the failure actually depends on (Jocular or Ironic).
Lord Fowlup is the SPOB on this project. He has taken ownership and full credit despite not knowing anything about the technicalities. When it fairs he will be the Single Point of Blame
by supercomputerguru March 17, 2016
To spob: The act of bouncing a spoon of soup or similar liquids to reduce chance of spillage, with the droplet hopefully falling back into the bowl from whence it came.
I spobbed the spoon, and the soup droplet clinging to the bottom dripped off.
by TDKs July 10, 2010
Acronym for Stale Piece Of Bread
"Missy fails because she is a spob."
by Teh Marky May 24, 2009
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