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The outline of the vagina, usually caused by extremely tight pants.
DAMMNN, check out Mrs. O'Briens moose nuckle.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
Girls from grades 7-11 with nothing beter to do then hang around the Bridgewater skatepark and ask for ciggeretts.
The spob sluts have migrated for the winter.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
A person who wears clothes to large for them, drives a stock honda civic with a "bangin" system, and belives they are from compton when truthfully they were raised on a farm.
That Homo-Thug's line up is tiggghtttt.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
Hair cut recieved by Gangsters,homo-thug or G's: In whitch your bangs are perpendicular with the sideburns that are made pointy and thin resmbeling the penis in their pants.
yeah dawg, lets go get our illmatic line up's.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
A light slap to the genital area with the tip of the fingers; resulting in extreme pain.
after study bobby Tea-Bagged me.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
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