a less gross word for sixty-nine
we went splunking last night. it was awesome
by awww yeah April 26, 2011
it accually means cave exploring

but i guess it works w/all the other definitions cause it sounds dirty
lets go splunk

eww fag

no its cave exploring
by calvizzal November 09, 2006
1.The noise an axe makes when it gets lodged into one's skull

2.A large half-ork creature who has an I.Q of 2 and is illiterate. He enjoys animals and killing things that are mean to him or to his friends. He has no sense of pain as his low intelligence has left it completely null and void. Splunk is the by product of a human father and an ork mother. He has a large family which includes his full-ork brother Kerplunk. Splunk travels with an adventuring party through the land of Galador trying to save the world. He has a huge love of animals and desires to be a "Puppyflamethrowerkitty" daddy.
Example 1:"wow that was a loud splunk my axe made"

Example 2: "Dammit Splunk why did you blow up my bar!"
by Charleston Grampen June 10, 2009
to fall onto a couch or bed in an extreemly lazy manner with little or no energy expended
After that history test friday, I just went home and splunked.
by Stevieled March 31, 2006
not the act of cave exploring, actually the noise of a big terd hitting the water in the toilet. these terds usually clog it
Damn my terd was so huge it felt like it was leavin me sideways! i knew it was huge when i heard it splunk
by Cory W. November 03, 2005
Ejaculation Fluids that come out of a penis and,(or) vagina
i splunked on her face as she grabed her titties
by Noahwashere October 31, 2006
n. A double-sided quincy.
Damn, your mom sure likes it kinky; I gave her a splunk!
by Matt and Marla April 12, 2003

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