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A mixture of spunk and splooge. This is formed by the combined semen during a bukkake session.
Dude, I can't believe she drank that glass of splunk after we blasted on her face.
by Raindance! August 29, 2014
Most often used in Cherry Magazines to turn hot young men on about to whack off. It is the semen goo that they shoot out of their cocks at climax that is large, sticky, and hard to get out of the eyes.
I'm about to release ungodly amounts of Splunk onto her chocolate milkshake funbags.
by JelloBoyFrozen September 02, 2009
the sound of getting exactly what you want.
Will was looking for 'tranny porn', and -- *splunk* -- google found it for him!
by Trans-Dre O'Dools August 22, 2006
Vrb. 1)The act of "diveing" into someones vagina 2) The act of jumping into someones or somthings moist hole.
I would go Splunking with her.
I would splunk That.
by catblaster43 August 07, 2012
fornication in the location of nature
usually involves tree branches and rocks
i totally splunked a mountian man last week
by shlbz May 19, 2007
When someone gargles your ballsac. Similar to a tea bag.
Dude, that slut Emma just gave me a splunk.
by willyp123 August 07, 2012
To puke while having sexual intercourse.
John was so drunk yesterday that he splunked all over the mattress.
by wesdudes October 11, 2011
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