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the best stuff ever

makes you feel good and relaxed

not bad at all

should be legal
i love to smoke marijuana
by calvizzal November 04, 2006
a gay ass dance that these fags in new york came up with just to be hella cool like the bay area.....but they suck fat nuts
chicken noodle soup is gay we rep tha bay
by calvizzal October 04, 2006
im gettin sum twizzat tonight
by calvizzal September 16, 2006
funny term that cool people use
hey you want some of deez?
deez what?
deez nuts! mutha fucka
by calvizzal October 04, 2006
1. a holy war
2. a funny word that sounds like arab talk and cartman likes to say it

fag---let go on a jihad...

funny arab guy with a bomb---jihad jihad durka durka gerkamal
by calvizzal October 04, 2006
it accually means cave exploring

but i guess it works w/all the other definitions cause it sounds dirty
lets go splunk

eww fag

no its cave exploring
by calvizzal November 09, 2006

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