when cum drools all over your hand
i had a wank last night and spludge just drooled onto my hand before i gave it a good licking
by CAPS July 04, 2016
a verb used to describe the mechanics of a slug's movements; becoming increasingly accepted in the scientific community, the word is used in the same way you would describe a snake slithering or a horse trotting
Michael - "Wow! Look at that slug sliding along on that piece of trash."
Randy - "He's not walking along! It's a spludge! Not a goddamn walk! He's spludging along.... bastard."
by imverygay August 22, 2014
To get cum and shit on at the same time.
Bro as she was going down on me i fucking spludged all over here, true story.
by Trinitylynn June 03, 2012
The act of having water rise up your crotch, particularly after getting off of a water ride.
After I got off of the Wavebuster I was spludged so bad that I couldnt go to work.

After I went out with Tommy's mom last night I got spuuuudged so bad that I couldnt walk.

See also: Enima
by JcupBoodro July 28, 2010
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