The feeling you get when you have to sneeze, but can't.
Even though I sneezed on my girlfriend's food, I was thankful that the splooshy feeling went away.
by Abe Burson September 22, 2003
Top Definition
When a girl is so loose, she needs to masturbate with a large object; such as a bicycle.
Lyssia is such a whore, she must be quite splooshy.
by Carlie Rachelle November 18, 2007
1. Used to describe a bag of sploosh

2. Wutever else u want it 2 mean! :p

That kid always acts so splooshy!


Ty: I think I just saw a raccoon nom a squirrel! o_O

Gino: Dude, that's splooshy! You high again?
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
the way you define somebody's looks

you make it your own word.
damn kristina you be looking SPLOOSHY today!

i swear vanessa smelled so damn splooshy yesterday (; it was turning me on.

by vah-ness-uh. (: March 05, 2011

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