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One's outward expression of anger and/or frustration; spazz atack
"So he hides it and of course his grandpa starts flippin' out and goin' into an ALL CAPS RAGE!!!"

by MugShootr June 27, 2011
Can b used instead of a cuss word (on the off chance that there are like 1 or 2 other people in the world who want 2 b polite)
Guy with a crumby computer: C'mon, work u piece of donc!
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
A purposeful mispelling/stylizing of a rather crude word
Texter #1: Hey bro slice! Ready 4 that test 2mRO?

Texter #2: Wait, therz a test!?

Texter #1: Uh ya!

Texter #2: d@mm!t... k thnx bro! g2g!
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
The act of faking out/kidding someone, usually sending them into an ALL CAPS RAGE!!!
Screw ball: OMG dude i think i just stepped on ur phone while it was charging...!

Friend of screw ball: ARE YOU GARBLE-SCHNORTING ME!?!?
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
A cuss replacement word which you can scream in the event that you are enraged or excited
Nikdibbit that's a lot of C4!!! =D
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
Non-alchohlic substances put into and consumed from shot glasses (eg. root beer vs hard liquor). For the uder-aged who are still smart enough not to get drunk ;)
We're only 14 but my bro wanted to teach us how to do shots so we kicked off the new year with some mug shotz instead!
by MugShootr June 27, 2011
1. Used to describe a bag of sploosh

2. Wutever else u want it 2 mean! :p

That kid always acts so splooshy!


Ty: I think I just saw a raccoon nom a squirrel! o_O

Gino: Dude, that's splooshy! You high again?
by MugShootr June 27, 2011

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