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When you make someone laugh so hard they throw up.
"We got that guy to splode by telling him we saw a fart!"
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008
A type of exploding, but caused by self-inflicted methods.
He held on to the grenade too long, and he sploded.
by nsanity February 05, 2004
A bastardization of ka-splode, which is a bastardization of explode.
As the rocket smashed into "Splode's" computer, it sploded.
by Fatass February 18, 2003
what happens to your head when someone just wont shut up!
Be quite or my head will splode!
by C:/dos run December 10, 2004
The act of shooting sperm
I cant hold it in im bout to splode...
Im gonna splode on yo face.
by paluka January 20, 2006