Ok, a spliff is, and always will be, a cannabis-tobacco cigarette. It is rolled using two papers (preferably zig zag 1-1/4, but if your a beginner, go for the king size). You take the two papers and overlap them in an 'L' Formation. You put your weed and tobacco (i recommend Midnight special or bali shag, because it's a wetter, loose tobacco) together in the papers and begin to roll from one end to the other. Technique is important, you want to end up with a cone shape because it burns evenly. Also, if you dont want flying bits of tobacco and weed to get in your mouth, just remember to add a crutch, or mouth piece (not a cotton filter), and your set!
Anyone can roll a spliff, all you need is a lil yoda. I will say this though about spliffs: Dont smoke too many, they give you the sweats and spins like crazy. I remember one night My brothers british roomates and I burned 34 spliffs and played super smash bros brawl all night. It was insane!
by Not_Ian April 14, 2009
While most people seem to think that this is a european term for a joint made 1/2 and 1/2 with tobacco and weed, I (an actual european) have only heard it used to describe a pure weed joint, with no tobacco. A 'spliff' with tobacco in it is just a normal J. Spliffs are made using chronic, grass or Bud, not solid.

a spliff is normally larger than your regular joint and since it requires quite a lot of weed is also rarer than your regluar joint.

PS. Rizlas SUCK! use ZigZag No. 1's!
"dude, I got an Ounce of Californian Orange, fancy coming for a spliff or 6?"

"I smoked 1 spliff and I was out of it for hours, normally I have to smoke 10 joints to feel like that"
by mmmerangue February 27, 2007
A roiled combination of marijuana and tobacco.
"Wanna smoke this cigarette?"

"Hell no. But I'll SPLice it with pIFF" ergo: spliff
by PrincessPiff Soverign of splif September 30, 2013
A cigarette rolled with a combination of Marijuana and Tobacco - usually split 50/50 but can vary.

>Popular in Europe, used far less in the U.S.
Bro, I'm gonna roll a spliff. Pass me the Green Zig-Zags and that roach.
by J-to-da-E October 28, 2012
a cigarette comprising of a mixture of tobacco from a pouch or straight and the ganja of your choice. This is then rolled preferably in a king sized lightweight slim Rizla with roach.
sensi is weed, and weed is ganja man.
ganja my weed, and weed is marajuana.
by luke February 01, 2004
a high quality cigarette rolled with both tobacco and weed, or made in a cigar shell
This morning i woke up and my spliff was nowhere to be found. so you already kno my day was fucced up.
by Blacc May 04, 2006
Handmade cigarette containing often cannabis. Widespread for its recreative use.
Get a one spliff, make you feel Irie(...). (Morgan Heritage)
by Adelscott August 21, 2007
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