a jamaican word for a joint or a blunt.

also a book by nick jones about marijuana and its influnce on culture. it also features the profiles of famous users, and an index of pot and hash, a rating, description and picture. they also offer a how to on rolling joints, and recipes.
"hey is that dank in the spliffs book?"

"let's burn a spliff"
by eP0w June 27, 2006
A spliff is a large cylindrical or coned Marijuana cigarette, mostly smoked in Europe which comprises of both Mary jane and tobacco (Rolling or from a straight) rolled inside a Paper (Usually Rizla) with a roach inserted into the bottom end to prevent the weeds or tobacco from flying into your mouth and to provide strucure to the joint (or spliff) a Roach is a cardboard cylidrical tube usually made from cardboard.

To roll a joint one must prepare with the materials of in order of priority: Weed (preferable good shit) , Tobacco (Rolling or straight,I recommend Mayfair (straight) or Amber leaf (Rolling) both nice tobaccos, Papers you can use single papers if you know how to construct the paper but for ease of use i prefer using king sized papers (Kingskins) prefered colours Blue and Silver (Rizla) its okay to use others and finally the Roach which can be made from any sort of thin card but i recommend the "Green card" from the back of Rizla king sized papers.

Now you have everything for your joint you can now roll it into the fat cone it should be,just plate it all up with the weed and tobacco roll it up and smoke up! you should get real hiiigh!
George was sitting on the park bench next to his friend Tom who was wrapping a rather fat Spliff!

George and Tom smoked the spliff up and were high for hours off some chronic named "Northern lights".
by Ferociter December 06, 2010
A spliff is an old school term originally referring to any joint where you might have to "split the difference" between tobacco and cannabis. It can be flower or hash that is mixed with tobacco. Maybe it's because you only want to smoke a little bit of weed, but don't want to roll a pinner, or because you only have a little bit of weed, and don't want to roller a pinner. As the term became popular, and the availability of weed became greater, the term began to incorrectly refer to pretty much any type of joint, with a crutch or not, cone or not.
"Man, you got a smoke we break open for a spliff? I've only got papers, but don't want to smoke all my weed in a joint. "

"No, but I got a Philly, if you wanna roll a blunt!"

"Man, I said I didn't wanna smoke all my weed at once...but hell yeah! Let's get blunted!"
by bean, trivia queen January 07, 2015
a BIG fat joint (marijuana cigaret). It has nothing but grass alone or a combination of weed and tobacco together. The cover of "Catch A Fire", the first international album by reggae superstar Bob Marley has a picture of him smoking a spliff.
1. The British reggae band UB40 released a tune called "Mi Spliff" in 1985.

2. excuse me while I light my spliff (spliff)
Oh God I gotta take a lift...

Bob Marley
"Easy Skanking"

Roll roll roll your joint
Gently down the line
Have a whiff from my spliff
Blow your fucking mind!
by Rockin' Reefer Raccoon May 24, 2009
A recreational cannabis brand based in Seattle, WA.
Relax, have a Spliff.
by ah yeah January 08, 2014
a europen doobie or joint, usually made wiv king size, slim blue Rizla's.
mix of ganja and tobacco. presented nicely rolled, cone shaped and the biggest fukin marijuana cigarette an american has EVER see.
hey u dope fiend, giv us a go on that spliff b4 u go up in a cloud of smoke.
by A Thomas April 07, 2005
A joint rolled with both marijuana and tobacco, also known as God's greatest gift to mankind. Divinity is the only way to explain the inception of such a magical and delicious treat as a well-rolled spliff
I rolled like 35 spliffs yesterday... should last me through the weekend
by Dudeman_101 February 18, 2010

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