1.Having the qualities of splendor, being splendid

2.Fucking rocks
Wasn't that concert splendiforous?

by jonathizzle maslizzle September 14, 2005
A word used to describe something awesome..it can be used in many contexts and is a favorite of younger generations. it combines the words (splendid), (for) and (us) thus creating a mixture of a splendid ...... for us. hence the word (splendiforous) was born.
Woman : OMFG! that guy was sooo splendiforous
Teacher: WOW your work is splendiforous
Man: its such a splendiforous day today.

Lady: oh, that was just so... sooo..
Man: amazing?

Lady: no...splendiforous : )
Man: hehe, i know..it was asnt it...just splendiforous

antonyms: ugly, boring
synonyms: amazing, epic, orgasmic.
by Epagomenic February 04, 2010
Having or Being slpendifor.
Wasnt that concert splendiforous?!
by Gina/Julia July 25, 2003

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