Splat was a game invented in Framingham, Massachusetts around the year 2000 played by several good friends who worked at a company in the above mentioned city. It was most frequently played when these friends became bored with working and wanted to have some unusual fun. It involved 1 person (the victim) who lost a quick game between the players, lining up against a wall, while the 'splattor' soaked a huge ball of paper towels in water and violently hurled the object as fast as it could be thrown. Sometimes, the object would miss the victims. On other occasions, the victim would be walloped in the face. As the wet towels hit the victim in the face, a large noise would be made, and that is SPLAT!!! Sometimes not all of the paper towel ball would fall off, but rather be dangling from the victims ear. The rules stipulated that the victim must remain motionless, stand up strait and accept his fate with honor. All involved in splat were taking a moderate level of risk as the game was always played in a professional office environment in which such behavior would be greatly frowned upon by the company owners. In recent times, there has been talk of resurrecting the game. As the game was always played by good friends who appreciated torturing eachother, it would be considered out of bounds to use boiling water, ink or any substance other than hot water with which to victimize the unfortunate party. (Note that none of the guilty parties were ever caught, despite hundreds of splat! games and a very small office location.
"Hey, Alex do you want to play splat?"
"Yeah...Let's make sure Sean gets victimized thoroughly!"

2 minutes later, SPLAT! .....
(Followed by raging laughter by the friends gaining a laugh at the sight of the splattered victim....
by Murray and Candy Man February 14, 2009
Top Definition
when one falls and lands alone- usually on pavement or concrete.
"Did you hear about the office worker who commited suicide friday? Yeh,,he just it the ground like splat!"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
when a guy ejaculates onto someone or something...
skeet skeet skeet SPLAT
by cowboy June 07, 2004
The noise that something squashy makes when it hits a hard surface. In UK comics, when this happens, you will usually see the word in capitals coming out of the interaction between hard surface and the squashy material. Excellent example of onomatopoeia.
Suitable materials for making the SPALT sound are things like tomatoes, mashed potato, custard pies and squelchy mud.
Look in UK comics like the Beano and Dandy for examples.
The custard pie hit the boys face:- SPLAT!
by Ken Holway October 02, 2007
The act of moving to the ground with the legs fully apart while keeping the torso erect, when done by a fat woman. Basically, the splits done by a fat chick.
When that fat ass stripper did the splats in front of Bob, he started laughing uncontrollably.
by jcoctoston January 22, 2011
an asterisk. Used by UK computer people. Because it looks like something squashy, like mashed potato, that has hit a wall in a comic (like the Beano) accompanied by the word SPLAT!
IT help desk. 'Hit the splat key'
by Ken Holway October 02, 2007
The state of utter exhaustion
After travelling on the Tube all day, she went completely Splat!
by redcountess August 30, 2007
Similar to the term "shart" except contents consist of more gas and garbage than bowel, in a spray form.

Hearing the noise of this occurance is described as an angry Windex bottle, a forceful breaking wind, a crowd in a hurry, or flu-like sickness.
Get out of my way I have to splat!

Are you almost done in there, I gotta splat woman!

Where is the nearest potter, I have to splat like no other!

I will be ready in a few, just splatting at the moment!

I wake up to splaaaaaat!

If I eat another piece of trash from McDonald's, I am guaranteed to splat!
by BDK specialist April 07, 2014
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