1. when the water from a toilet or a urinal splashes up or out and wets your arse or shoes.

2. (metaphorical) unforeseen, unintentional, negative consequences of a person's actions.
1. John noticed a light mist on his shoes and cursed his splashback.

2. Neil realised he had incurred splashback when he recognised his girlfriend's mother as the older woman he had picked up while drunk the previous weekend.
by Gunnar Longshanks January 02, 2007
The achievement of getting water on ur bum after dropping a log down toilet
"Man, that was some mad splash-back i got there"
by TMB June 17, 2003
It's the water that comes back up from the commode and hits your butt when you poop.
Boy, There sure was alot of splash back that time my butt got sooked.
by kythiefsnatcher April 25, 2010
The urine in which splashes back and leaves wet spots on pants/shorts, underwear, and shirt. Normally happens to guys who forget to aim down, or when you really have to go.
Person1:"I see you got a little splash-back on your pants there. Tough luck dude."

Person2:"I know, but I had to go really bad and was in hurry."

Person1:"Aim down man, aim down."
by M.A.DPenGuiN2111 August 19, 2009
The spritzes of urine that deflect off of toilets, urinals and urinal cakes and onto the person urinating, as well has his clothes and shoes.
When I use the urinal I always aim for the side to reduce splashback.
by crace selvage September 14, 2007
Urine that bounces off the back of a urinal covering the your arms in a fine mist of pee.
Hey lets go hug monica," Sure let me wipe this splashback off first" "Gross man that's why I use the stall!
by Ireallyamforever August 03, 2010
When you take a crap and the water splashes your anus.
I was on the toilet today and then I had a splashback
by Ianandrew November 13, 2006
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