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When you cum in a girls mouth, hold her mouth shut, punch her in the stomach and the cum comes out her nose.
I gave that chick a spitting dragon.
by Furiuos D June 22, 2005
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a dragon that spits fire, water, or salva
holy shit i thought a spitting dragon was somthing else
#dragon #spitting #water #salva #fire
by dez_nutz February 07, 2009
When you're fucking your girl from behind, say you're gunna cum on her back... instead, spit on her back, and when she turns around, let it go all up in her face...
Yeah.. she got hit by my spitting dragon...
by SwiftyMcFay March 16, 2004
When you drop your funky spunk into the other person's mouth, pull your cack out and smack em across the face with it causing the gunk to fly out with force.
I dropped my load down Sally's mouth and smacked her for the spitting dragon effect.
by weeble August 07, 2003
when a man ejackulates down a womens throat an she coughs it up due to the force
the bitch copped a spitting dragon
by jeff July 18, 2003
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