Possibly the ugliest infected in all of Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. It is an infected with a muffin top body and grandma legs. She has two pony tails, like a farm girl. She has a neck that is about 1 football long and a jaw covered in blood with lots of sharp, shark like teeth and the top and bottom jaw are seperated by about 6-8 inches. She spits our glibs of acid that are deadly to survivors in left 4 dead
Nick - Spitter!!!!!!!!!!!

*Ellis throws up*
by Pills Here!!! January 25, 2010
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One who does not swallow ejaculate after oral sex, but instead spits it out.
I want a swallower, not a spitter.
by D January 12, 2004
anything used to spit ur chew, dip, chaw, snuff into
Woman, hand me that there spitter
by Ryan Smith October 04, 2004
A person, either female, homosexual male or prison bitch, who sucks their male partner's dick, let's him come in their mouth and then spits it out.
My girlfriend likes to suck my dick. She used to be a painter, soon became a spitter and will hopefully graduate to swallower.
by slicksal November 03, 2006
Container you spit your dip spit into. Commonly seen as soda bottles.
"NO!!! Jesee don't drink that Pepsi- Oh, shit dude!"
by CoorsLightEMU April 20, 2003
(n.) One who takes a shot and cannot keep it down or swallow it, and therefore spits the contents of the shot glass out; often on the ground or at another person. Bonus: Contents of shot glass may come out of spitter's nose as well.
Man, that girl is a spitter.. She couldn't do a shot to save her life.
by yourmamaisavirgin October 26, 2009
A dope dealer who conceals base cocaine "Crack" in his mouth to hide it from the Police. The when a buyer approaches the dealer and the money is exchanged, the dealer "spits" out a rock and gives it to the buyer.
If you're looking for a solid, go hit up that spitter on the red bike yo!
by slim13 May 24, 2009

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