A Hip-Hop MC who generally spits with a quick flow and whose subject matter is generally focused around punchlines.
Here's some examples of spitters: Vakill, Royce da 5'9", Slim Shady, Apathy, Big L, Big Punisher, Celph Titled, Chino XL and Crooked I.
by Deadd77 January 06, 2012
When people share crap links or tiny or malicious URLs using Twitter, it is spam. Twitter + Spam = Spitter!
I would sure like to trust the URLs that my Twitter friends are tweeting about but when they are shortened, using services like bit.ly its hard to tell if I am looking at Spitter.
by notinLA June 23, 2009
A person who spams people using twitter, using a combination of the words "spam" and "twitter."
I blocked her because she wasn't a real person, she was just a spitter.
by Momma Mary August 20, 2008
Person who talks very smoothly to a person of the opposite sex.
"Twinky messin' with her head." Twinky would be an example of a "spitter".
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
A "spitter" is a dose of drugs that is found out by taste not to be genuine and therefore spat out.

For instance an Ecstasy pill that is distinctly bitter or causes tongue numbing or a cold sensation is to all likeliness contaminated or not genuine at all. Similarly a blotter which tastes bitter probably does not contain LSD and given the specific preferences of many users of psychedelics they are often just spat out with no second thought given.
"We bought seven kinds of E that night but they were all spitters!"

"Blotter + Bitter = Spitter"
by Spitter September 16, 2005

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