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A dope-ass rapper. Vakill doesn't try to be overly "out there," in terms of his lyrics or style. He instead uses the basic elements of rap, hard-hitting punchlines, a tight flow, great storytelling, and a battle rapper demeanor, to prove that he is a great MC. There are no chinks in his armor. He's not 2Pac, he won't change the game like Jay-Z or Eminem, he's not poetic like Nas, but he is instead very simple. But, that's what makes him great.
Here's an example of Vakills prowess from the song, "Armor of God," off of the album, "Armor of God."

"An angelic presence, the delegates blessing, it's hell against heaven, my flow is God's relic in essence. Why in the fuck is you replicas testin'? With a delicate pressin', I can blow you to maggot delicatessen."
by Deadd77 December 18, 2011
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