when a female is takin it from 2 men one in the mouth and one in the fefe
guess wat guys i was part of a spit roast with a hot ass chick last nite, pity bout the other dude
by Jenn010 July 07, 2006
done up the arse and penatrated orally at the same time
Harvey- hey look its grant lets spit roast him
everyone - yer!!!!!
by sam hurty October 11, 2007
This is the act of punishment for mistreatment of best friends. A metal pole is attached to their back (through any means necessary). The said person will then be 'roasted' over a large fire until golden brown.

For added humiliation force an apple in their mouth so A. They are unable to talk and B. Make them look more like a pig than they already are
A clear example would be the unreliability and mistreatment of best friends by another person (frequently part of the male species). Mistreatment can include: Letting said best friend down on more than one occasion, playing on x-box when they should be entertaining said best friend, and being a 'pig' in general. (The act should not be taken seriously in 'spit roasting' said 'pig'. Instead you should take satisfaction of imagining this inflicted torture to stop you from actually doing it)
by TristanClark June 02, 2010
When someone gets into a lot of trouble with the law, teachers etc because they have done something quite seriously wrong.
"oh, i got proper spit roasted by my teacher today because i did not do my homework"

"the police spit roasted me today cos i had some drugs on me"
by mike.t December 10, 2009
See Position 45
High fives are a must.
Bubba and Tyrone had Geoffery on the spit roast last night
by Dorifto October 21, 2004
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