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Similar to "jazz hands," a cheer/dance movement of the fingers with palms out and fingers moving quickly back and forth. If done wrong it looks like a nervous wave of the hand. If done correctly, it draws attention to the dancer.
Show me your spirit fingers!
by MarkieW February 01, 2008
The act of gesticulating one's fingers while holding the hands in the air. An act typically performed by individuals who can't dance but who want to participate with those who are doing so. Occaionally accompanied by the shaking of the head or upper torso. Similar to jazz hands except that the hands and arms are held steady.
When "Thriller" came on the radio, John began to moonwalk and shake his spirit fingers.
by Daddy's home August 15, 2009
Inserting four fingers into your friendly neighborhood cheerleader (you know they can take it) and then spreading your fingers, screaming "School Spirit" and throwing glitter at his/her face. The ladies love this slightly tender and romantic gesture of selfless love making. The homos think it's hilarious because they can't feel a thing.
Chelsey loves it when Chad spirit fingers her at the dinner table.

Craig loves it when Brad spirit fingers him while they discuss Cuban poetry and eat bon-bons.

Discussing spirit fingers with your mom/grandma can be awkward (because they know they want it and it shows).
by TheMidnightCreeper November 12, 2011
A way of getting the effects of a joint through to the fingertips and the feet. Best thing is to lie down, listen to some instrumental (maybe even spiritual) music and let your elbows touch the ground, while your fingers, pointing straight up, slowly move - whilst you concentrate all energy to them. And then of course close your eyes.
"I feel... Fuzzy... Let's lie down."
"We can put on some M83 and do the spirit fingers..."
by Martin F August 26, 2006
A ghostly fingering, form a recently deceased person.
Girl: OMG I was in the abandoned house last night with Paul and something slipped me the spirit fingers!

Guy:Mmm, thats kinda hot!
by Naymeister :3 January 18, 2010
When a guy Fingers a girl, and she is unable to feel it due to his lack of knowledge and skill.
"we nickname him Spirit Fingers, he was just horrible!"
by vanityx May 08, 2009
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