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When someone cooks something so tasty that you simultaneously drool and orgasm all over yourself.
Sandra made a killer chicken fried steak with whipped potatoes, baked mac and cheese with a side of bacon. It was so tasty that I droolgasmed.
by TheMidnightCreeper September 24, 2012
Inserting four fingers into your friendly neighborhood cheerleader (you know they can take it) and then spreading your fingers, screaming "School Spirit" and throwing glitter at his/her face. The ladies love this slightly tender and romantic gesture of selfless love making. The homos think it's hilarious because they can't feel a thing.
Chelsey loves it when Chad spirit fingers her at the dinner table.

Craig loves it when Brad spirit fingers him while they discuss Cuban poetry and eat bon-bons.

Discussing spirit fingers with your mom/grandma can be awkward (because they know they want it and it shows).
by TheMidnightCreeper November 12, 2011

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