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2 definitions by TheMidnightCreeper

When someone cooks something so tasty that you simultaneously drool and orgasm all over yourself.
Sandra made a killer chicken fried steak with whipped potatoes, baked mac and cheese with a side of bacon. It was so tasty that I droolgasmed.
by TheMidnightCreeper September 24, 2012
4 1
Inserting four fingers into your friendly neighborhood cheerleader (you know they can take it) and then spreading your fingers, screaming "School Spirit" and throwing glitter at his/her face. The ladies love this slightly tender and romantic gesture of selfless love making. The homos think it's hilarious because they can't feel a thing.
Chelsey loves it when Chad spirit fingers her at the dinner table.

Craig loves it when Brad spirit fingers him while they discuss Cuban poetry and eat bon-bons.

Discussing spirit fingers with your mom/grandma can be awkward (because they know they want it and it shows).
by TheMidnightCreeper November 12, 2011
20 17