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A worldly female, defined by her sense of individuality and style.
"Wow, that Chelsey really knows what she's talking about!"
by schmittty December 03, 2007
a person of great intelligence. they are sweet and kind to all, and all love them for they are tollerant of all peoples, races, religions... more often than not they are a most beautiful individual. they have friends world wide who would do anything for them and they in return for their friends. they are worldly and unique in every single aspect of life. all envy and aspire to be like them. they are in a since perfect.
"look at that girl, shes beautiful, smart, and nice, shes like no other. shes PERFECT, shes so chelsey!!!"
by chelsey fanchier March 21, 2007
The best friend/girl friend anyone could have! She's an all around sweetheart, who loves people. She's always volunteering and helping people out. She has an amazing smile and can brighten anyones day.
Chelsey: Hi, my names Chelsey.
(The room brightens up and the mood lightens)
by Real-deal February 21, 2009
the horniest fuckah

knows how to make a guy scream and moan and beg for more.

has more than one guy crushing on her ass daily.

every boy wants to at least touch her.
known to be loud funny and fun to be around loved by many. hated by none. a true friend. stays loyal. doesnt fall hard for any man. hard to please. smart and clever . very sensitive and a boy magnent. great in bed.
ho brah did you see chelsey in high shorts
by playerlikedaht October 12, 2009
Chelsey is the most amazing person anyone can ever meet. If you have her as a friend, your life will be amazing. She has the most amazing eyes, beautiful hair, cutest smile, and most outgoing personality. If you have her as a girlfriend, you need to hold on to her and make her really happy. She will make you the happiest person on the planet. She makes you smile when you don't want to, she makes you laugh when you cry, and she makes your day more than once. To have her as a friend/girlfriend is a blessing. Keep her happy, and keep her close. To lose her would be the worst thing possible.
Chelsey: I lovers you:)
by amandavanelst December 03, 2011
Beautiful sassy brunette. Amazing looks. Beautiful inside and out. In a sense, perfect. Very unique, doesn't want to be like anyone else. Girls are always jealous of her. Everyone tries to be like her. Very honest,always tells the truth even if it's not what you want to hear. Loyal and always forgiving. Don't get on chelseys bad side, you'll never win that battle. Chelsey always wins.
Chelsey is so beautiful. Just simply perfect.
by Chelseyrocks June 29, 2013
Usualy a girl who joshs go for and can never stop thinking about. Typicaly blonde hair and are known to be the most beautiful girls. Strong mentaly and phsyicaly. can make boys go crasy by inflicting pain and never letting up. Are probably beasts on dance floors because of their abnormaly jacked legs.
"Dude that girl that kicked me in the shin is such a chelsey".

" I cant stop thinking about her shes just chelsey"
by trebe94 November 23, 2009
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