Also known as Spin or a Spin Stick, a spinner is the cigarette you chop into your weed
mullen: "you man you finished chopping up yet???!?!?!?"

buddy: "yeah bro just chuck me a spinner and we will be in the clear"
by buddy sticksworth August 13, 2008
In foosball(table soccer) - a novice unskilled player who only knows how to play by chaotically rotating all the rods - which is against the rules and looks really stupid.
If the spinner is a nice looking girl with big tits other players normally don't reprimand her for playing so for it all looks really fun and sexy
Let's kick these two spinners off the table!
by iljusha April 14, 2007
A nickname for a woman who uses the illegal stimulant drug, methamphetimine ("crank"), in very large quantities. The word is descriptive of the speed at which her thoughts are moving, as well as her scatter-brained state of mind.
"Man, did you see Spinner in the club? Hot body, but the bitch didn't make no sense. She needs some SLEEP"
by N. Brandes July 04, 2005
when a girl clinches youre dick so hard with her vagina that she can spin arond and not fall off
Man, last night my girl did a spinner
by Dudeness December 04, 2003
Aussie slang for someone who is not too clever or easily fooled.
Used in the phrase "Come in spinner"
Which means "I can't believe you fell for that one"
by Spooty Spinner July 27, 2003
an elderly person, usually in a fitness center of a condo or the like, who earnestly intends to work out, but with ZERO resistance on their machine, esp stationary bikes, aimlessly working it, with no benefit but to tie up the equipment.
I had hoped to finish my workout early and hit happy hour............
but there were too many spinners ahead of me.......
by t v 5.5 January 28, 2010
A famous sport-fishing lure, commonly comprised of a metal rotating blade or blades, with a weighted body on a wire shaft. When retreived or tolled it attracts fish via flash and vibration emitted from it's spinnig action
Eg: last weekend I went spinning for trout on the Rubicon river and caught two nice fish on bladed spinners.
by mooglemot August 18, 2008

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