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spinkle is a nick (screen name)used by a person who plays guitar, writes poetry and song lyrics, and, tries very hard to treat people he meets in a decent and respectful manner.
\"Of course, we\'d love to read that poem you wrote, spinkle.\"
by Melodyx April 26, 2005
A cross breading of the words, Spritz and Tinkle... Spinkle.
To Spinkle oneself.
Generally caused by extreme laughter and excited ness, one might "lightly pee" themselves (1-2 drops)
I laughed so hard I spinkled myself.
by Mellissa June 28, 2005
A small peice of excrement. Bits and peices of feces. M&M sized dung droppings.
Would you let Vida Guerra spinkle in your mouth?
by Campalonious Monk the 3rd November 09, 2004

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