A woman who is aging badly. Her body is turning droopy and wrinkled. Her body is starting to curdle, making cottage cheese out of her ass.

Badly aging Female

Complete opposite of a cougar / milf

Also, known as spilt
Pete : "Bitch, your spilt milk!" "Your ass is so curdled, I could serve it up ass cottage cheese."

Random Skank: "Your an asshole!"

Karl : "Dude, what the fuck is your deal?"

Pete : "Dude, I'm saving you from this spilt milk ass bitch." "Now you won't have to give her the fishboot later!"
by Cheese4green September 20, 2011
Top Definition
(n.) A mistake that cannot be rectified.
There's no point crying over spilt milk
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
Something that you should not cry over.
Don't cry over split milk.
by boohiss May 28, 2004
Something that you shouldn't make too big of a deal over
Don't cry over spilt milk
by Killa Casper May 29, 2004
Something mildly bad/unpleasant which has already happened, and nothing much can be done about. Usually referred to in the context of "stop crying over spilt milk".
"so you stuffed up a bit, stop cryin over spilt milk"
by robbo May 28, 2004
Something unimportant, especially the former significant other of the person you're now dating. Refers particularly to the casualties resulting from boyfriend/girlfriend stealing.
Oh, don't worry that Jen's glaring at you from across the room. She's just spilt milk anyway.
by AcrylicDrama May 26, 2004
1. A problem or situation that has become out of control or irreversible.

2. Milk that is no longer in its container.
Don't Cry over spilt milk, get pissed off and kick something.
by Gaidenninjacat February 10, 2010
a situation beyond preventative measure; beyond control. "don't cry over spilt milk"
janet saw her man with another woman, delegated it spilt milk, and promptly hit on his best friend.
by natalie May 27, 2004
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