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3 definitions by AcrylicDrama

Completely kickass band of the late 1990s. Lead singer was Josh Todd, an intensly charismatic, sexy man with an amazing voice.

Made famous by the cocaine anthem "Lit Up", featured on their s/t album.
Put Buckcherry back in the CD changer, I want to listen to "Time Bomb" again.
by AcrylicDrama May 26, 2004
Something unimportant, especially the former significant other of the person you're now dating. Refers particularly to the casualties resulting from boyfriend/girlfriend stealing.
Oh, don't worry that Jen's glaring at you from across the room. She's just spilt milk anyway.
by AcrylicDrama May 26, 2004
Used to refer to the type of person who showers infrequently and no one actually speaks to. Allusion to Dr. Seuss's "Whos", but used more in the context of "Who the hell IS that?"
Hey, did you see that Who girl trying to talk to Scott over there?
by AcrylicDrama July 26, 2004