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Used When Giving A Order For Your Party To Attack The Same Target All At Once, Dealing high damage, with a almost impossible chance of counter. It Is Used In Most MMORPG's.
Ok, Spiking The Monk in 3....2....1...Spike!
by WestIsOnFire June 09, 2007
To send a block into another persons modem so the person tring to find your IP or back-hack you and fry or ferrit you. The great Geoofry "Grooter" Maggelln created the spike and so far there is no way to stop it by any known means of security.
I spiked those slug heads tring to ferret me
by Maulinator9 April 08, 2004
To put drugs in an unsuspecting female's drink, with the intent of date rape etc.
<Man-1> I spiked her drink with rohipnol
<Man-2> Damn! I wish I'd thought of that!
by IronCamel August 29, 2003
Then I took out my spike.
by Judge dredd7 November 04, 2011
(Spy-ke): Referring to an action in which an

individual "over-listens" to a specific musical track to a

point of annoyance for the people around them. This often

results in direct hate for the over-played musical track.

This song title then becomes, "spiked."
Spencer: "Wow, that kid listens to way to much Michael Jackson."

Elliot singing: "Keep On With The Force Don't Stop
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough..."

Ethan: "I know. He's pretty much spiked all of Michael Jackson's hits for me."
by The Choco September 23, 2011
Verb. In orienteering, to execute a route choice perfectly; to run directly to a control without wasting any time or effort.
"I spiked everything except number 2 where I lost 30 seconds"
by Mark Roberts August 03, 2006
Hypodermic Syringe, either homemade from a medicine dropper, or a real one. Either administers illicit drugs to the user.
From an underground folk song: I got mud in my shoe, but I ain't got no SPIKE. (I have black tar Heroin but no needle.)
by Narco February 11, 2006