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something pointy
i fell on a spike.
by ribo April 06, 2003
Non-geeks use this term in refrence to geeks. Geeks use this term in refrence to a geek that spews crap that he/she doesn't really know anything about.
non-geek: That guy has a Linux pda, what a propellerhead

geek: That propellerhead is vomiting random termanology in my face.
by ribo August 30, 2004
A word "irix" made up to convince us all he doesn't have a room full of D&D crap where he plays MUDs. He claims it is a place to put dirty shoes, but by his own admission, houses ancient SGI hardware.
<irix> I have a worthless quad proc origin 2000 sitting in my mud room : (
by ribo October 23, 2006
a light that is green
that light is green, therefore it is a greenlight
by ribo April 06, 2003

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