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In Haddonfield, NJ
It's also called PVI
Basically what the other definition said.
You either hate it or love it, but it's not fun to fucking wake up to everyday.
"You go to paul vi high school?"
"Dude i know."
by wtfeveeeer March 10, 2009
Cleats, or spiked shoes.
"I got some new spikes yesterday"
"Haha cool for soccer?"
by wtfeveeeer March 10, 2009
A fake alcoholic, or someone usually from 14-17 who talks about how they get wasted every night when they have only had alcohol once in their life.
"omg where am i? i feel sooo hung over."
"stfu, your such a falcoholic."
by wtfeveeeer March 10, 2009
When you accidently leave the volume on an ipod or mp3 ridiculously loud and forget. When you put in earphones and turn on the music, you go into shock for a second because the music is pretty much raping your ears from being so loud.
"i forgot to turn down my music and went in aural shock."
"haha dumbass"
by wtfeveeeer March 10, 2009
Abbreviation of the band And They Chased the Sun.
They're a local band so a lot of people put "ATCtS" after their display names on myspace to support.
Myspace display name: john ATCtS
by wtfeveeeer March 10, 2009

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