something pointy
i fell on a spike.
by ribo April 06, 2003
1. Vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who used to be evil, but got some military chip in is head that keeps him from attacking humans, and later he got a soul, so basicly he's a good guy now.

2. Bounty Hunter/Main Charecter of Cowboy Bebop.

3. The annoying things you land on in most side scrollers that usally kill you in one hit.
blah blah blah
by Metal Head June 22, 2004
Waking up in the morning with a massive hard-on.
I woke up with a spike.
by amchamp99 January 14, 2005
1. a syringe
2. to inject with a syringe
1. My spike's been dry for the whole day, I need to fill it up again
2. Did you try that dope yet?
Yeah, I just spiked it.
by peanuts and corn March 19, 2006
To knock an airborne character downward at an angle such that the character has no chance of making it back to the stage. Used in the Nintendo Classic Super Smash Bros., and its sequel SSB Melee, to define all such moves. Also known as a Meteor Smash; however, certain moves that spike aren't classified as Meteors, such as Fox's Shine Spike, in which he uses his reflector to knock an opponent downward. Very 1337.
Falco has mad spiking skillz. His down+a has arguably the greatest knockback in the game, with no delay.
by 1337 haxxorzz April 20, 2004
slang term for a member of the Anglican Church who favors and is at times outright preoccupied with Anglo-Catholic ritual and observance and is a general know-it-all and smart ass about all such matters. Often characterized as a fussy, effeminate younger male, either clergy or layman.

The term may have arisen from humorous observations on the extreme inflexibility and "uprightness" of such individuals as well as their tendency to be very temperamental, or spiky.
He loved candles, bells, incense, fiddleback chasubles; the whole liturgical nine yards. He couldn't imagine church being any other way. In other words, a classic spike.
by Alastair M. Jaques May 14, 2008
in volleyball, a spike is what you see when 1 member of a team pounds the shit out of the ball into the opposing, team's side of the court. May or may not result in a point.
it will result in a point if a pussy on the other team goes out of the way instead of digging it.
by Adrian December 16, 2004

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