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A spiderweb is basically a really really old, stinky pussy
Esmerelda: My son called me a spiderweb, what does that mean?

P Diddy: Yo it means your pussy is really old
by samm...y May 08, 2006
3 33
When someone bends over in the buff revealing their spread butt cheaks loaded with a consistant hair pattern.
<bro1>"Yo, let me know when my mom comes in the room bro!" <bro2>"LMFAO, Ok she's comming." <bro1>"Mah want to see a 'Spider Web'?"
by W.James April 10, 2005
10 52
When a man cums all over his mate in the shape of a spider web
by Ben Carroll October 30, 2003
11 57
To put your hands together fingers spread, tuck your thumb and pointer finger in. then place the six fingers still pressed to its twin finger, up the three wholes of a woman.
i gave her a great spider web last night! each hole cumed!
by LisaSusan September 09, 2006
9 59