A term in bar lingo. After ordering a glass of draught beer, if the keg blows before the barkeep can finish pouring the full glass the patron calls, "Spider", and thus receives the not-full beer for free.
"I just came from Sam's place and lucked out -- I called spider on three kegs in a row!"
by stevie666 July 10, 2008
Graffiti slang for a piece or stencil in a hard to reach (generally high-up) place.

Used as both a noun, verb, and occasionally as an adjective.
Noun: "bro, check out my spider from the weekend, it's on the top of the train tunnel.

Verb: "he spidered that piece"

Adjective: "all her pieces are really spider"
by smlk April 16, 2008
Not very widely used at all term for an quasilegal hacker; I rather ike it myself.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
Spiders are 8 legged creatures that give you a heart attack when you see them.
Spider: Chill bruh, I don't harm-
Person: *hits spider repeatedly with a shoe*
by hellaturnt March 25, 2014
Is the Keyboardist/Organ player for The Horrors.
Is known for his unusual bowl cut, but looks amazing on his chizeled face.
Wow your hair is so spider!

Wow look its spider!
by CharlieHorror April 16, 2008
a sex position in which a girl squats crab style on top of a guy with her feet up on his knees and her arms back on his chest
She climbed up on Jimmy Dean backwards with her feet on his knees and hands on his chess and lowered her butt, pushed his cock in, and the ride him spider style.
by Rod X February 14, 2014
a creature that god put on this earth to create fear.
reaction to small spider: WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! *fires gun*
by Space-Penis Super-Gear February 04, 2011

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