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Noun: Another definition for an anus/a-hole. Bend over in front of the mirror and look between your legs and you'll see why. Body in the center and many legs spiraling out from there.
1. Hey Spider, what the hell were you thinking?
2. I drank a 30 pack last night with a bucket of wings and my spider is en fuego.
by ScroteDog November 24, 2009
A song by System of a Down. It's a song about dreams, and the name comes from the statement that every now and then while we are asleep we unintentionally eat a spider.
"Spiders" was SOAD's first video clip.
by Not Fletcher! September 02, 2004
by AndreaG November 01, 2012
a type of car rim in which the spokes are designed to look like spider legs.
"....I'm ridin on them spiders..." - Paul Wall

by muzik July 30, 2006
One of the most plentiful and successful organisms on the planet. they are most known for frightening people, and spinning silk. They are generally solitary creatures. They may be creepy looking, but they are facinating creatures when you look them up.
Not all spiders are poisinus. However, the venomous bites of the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse have been known to make people significantly ill.
by Light Joker July 01, 2004
Flecks of shit that stick to the toilet bowl, even after flushing, that resemble spiders trying to crawl up and bite your ass. Sometimes caused by explosive diarrhea, other times caused by a Tower of Pisa turd when it falls and leaves shitflecks behind
I had a case of the volcanic shits - one blast from my ass painted the entire inside of the bowl with spiders.
by BratBastard October 17, 2011
A term in bar lingo. After ordering a glass of draught beer, if the keg blows before the barkeep can finish pouring the full glass the patron calls, "Spider", and thus receives the not-full beer for free.
"I just came from Sam's place and lucked out -- I called spider on three kegs in a row!"
by stevie666 July 10, 2008