The most useless creatures on earth. They are eight legged freaks whose only purpose on this earth are to terrify the piss out of humans so much that they had to name a phobia after it... ARACHNOPHOBIA.
Jaime finally got some sense and unloaded a clip of air soft bullets on the useless spider.
#arachnids #eight legged freaks #garbage #useless waste of space #bees do not even compare
by BNEW3702 September 11, 2008
The tiny chest hair sarounding one's niples.
Are you triming your spiders again?
#spiders #little hair #pubes #strands #chest hair
by Yan k May 31, 2007
itching in the pubic hair region.
i've got an attack of spiders here, fetch my scratching stick
by freshco May 01, 2005
When a guy sticks his thumb up a girl's ass from behind (likely while fucking her doggy style) and lets his fingers rest on her upper ass/lower back (possibly tapping his fingers making it even weirder). This makes it seem to her as though a giant spider is crawling up her ass. Most likely done by inexperienced individuals.
Jen: So I heard you fucked Joe? How was he?
Jamie: Uhhh...ok I guess, he kinda weirded me out by doing the spider though.
Jen: Fuckin amateur, lets make out.
#amateur #stink finger #thumb up ass #brown eye #weird
by Gamblar December 09, 2006
something bored students make by sticking saples in a pencil eraser and throwing it on the school cieling so it can stick and annoy the teachers.
Did ya count how many spiders where on the celing today? ~ Me
by Dirge February 15, 2005
When you get naked and do a handstand in the doorway to a closed door. When the unsuspecting victim opens the door all he/she sees is a butthole, and some upside down genitalia.
"Look, Scott took off all his close, he's gonna give Dan the spider. Weird his balls are upside down. Man Scott is so funny all of the time."
#spyder #the spider #handstand #naked #spiderweb
by Scott R. April 27, 2006
An exclamation. Precise meaning unknown. Could be either:

1. 'Good' or 'sorted' in Manc language, or

2. Rank or unsatisfactory.
"Excellent, that's sorted then, right?"
#spider #manc #rank #sorted #exclamation
by Adam Durchslag November 17, 2006
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