A sexual position where a male wraps his legs around his other female/male partner and wraps his arms around the neck and proceeds to give anal. It is also optional for the male to latch on to the female's or maybe even the male's breasts with his hands.
Dude, did you hear of that new sex position called the spider? No, but it sounds erotic and fun!
by Nevinator August 02, 2006
a creature that god put on this earth to create fear.
reaction to small spider: WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! *fires gun*
by Space-Penis Super-Gear February 04, 2011
a sex position in which a girl squats crab style on top of a guy with her feet up on his knees and her arms back on his chest
She climbed up on Jimmy Dean backwards with her feet on his knees and hands on his chess and lowered her butt, pushed his cock in, and the ride him spider style.
by Rod X February 14, 2014
"All spiders can block flyers.
All spiders have some green in them.
Unless they are nifty artifact mecha-spiders.
All spiders have toughness greater than their power. Their power is at least 1.
All spiders should cost five or less. And if it's cost is five, the spider should be ridiculous. Four, really, seems like it should be market price for a solid spider, and three for a pretty good one. But definitely not more than five.
All spiders will make the cut in your sealed deck, assuming you are playing Green.
All spiders have the creature type - spider."

-jon becker
Whiplash Spider
by JVL -boab March 30, 2011
Lowering your voice and making yourself seem insignificant to make someone feel bad for something they've done. To 'spider' someone.
Don't spider me man no! Sit here now dammit!
by TheVincinerator June 13, 2010
A convertible, usually of the make of Ferrari or Porsche.
Ferrari convertibles include the F355 Spider and the 360 Spider.

Porsche convertibles include the 550 Spyder.
by EJL March 14, 2004
the scariest little bug i've ever seen. spider are 8-legged arachnids that use spider silk (that comes out of their ass) in a variety of ways, depending on the species. most spiders spin webs with their silk to catch innocent insects and use their vampire-like fangs to inject paralyzer venom into their prey, then devour its insides like a monster. it also seems that spiders TRY to look as freaky as possible (large, bulging eggsack sitting on its ass; showing its large eyes and fangs to you) so that they can scary the crap out of you, then make a spider-home, lay some eggs, and create more scary-as-crap creatures. in my opinion, even the smallest spider is scary as hell.
tiny spider: *climbs on my shoulder* hallo dere.

by Chowderz February 28, 2011
The most useless creatures on earth. They are eight legged freaks whose only purpose on this earth are to terrify the piss out of humans so much that they had to name a phobia after it... ARACHNOPHOBIA.
Jaime finally got some sense and unloaded a clip of air soft bullets on the useless spider.
by BNEW3702 September 11, 2008

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