Score Pointing Honours

Someone who is good at kissing ass, while being smart with an 80 % average.
Person 1: What did you get on the math test?

Person 2: 80%

Person 1: SPH!!!
by S.S. - V.S. April 09, 2011
Top Definition
Strategically Placed Hole - used by plushophiles to simulate an entry point for sex in a plushie. Also works for fursuits.
"I made a great SPH in my Barney plushie!"
by Lefty January 24, 2005
Short term for fetish: Small Penis Humiliation. When a man gains sexual pleasure in being told (normally by a wife/girlfriend) that his penis is inadequate, and does not satisfy her.
I totally love sph sessions with my wife. The thought of her with a much larger, well hung man totally turns me on!!!
by xors March 22, 2006
1. False, Faux, Not true. ~ "That statement is Sph" (agg)

2. Sarcastic, Crass, Deliberately missinformative
"I love going to the movies" - Sph(ed) Jenny
by Hal January 27, 2004
Small Penis Haver.
Chris etchsion is a SPH.
by My Lambo is blue January 12, 2010
slutty pot head
Rachel and Kendal are major Sph's.
by RacheltheSph August 29, 2008
Science Park High School
Located in Newark, NJ, 07105. U.S.A
In the world.
Guy 1: Yo I heard that chick goes to sphs.
Guy 2: Huh?
Guy 1: Science Park High you douche.
by Chistle January 04, 2008
Skate Park Hoes

Females who go to skate parks to get the attention from guys.
Girl 1: That girl doesn't even own a skateboard.

Girl 2: Why is she at the skatepark?
Girl 1: Because she's a total SPH
by greensharpietomyright November 30, 2011

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