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A spenis is a spoon shaped penis. This is usually achieved by hitting your dick into a desk until it becomes spoon shaped. Then you can begin plunging into the world of spenising. You can spenis grandmas and pudding all the same.
Grandma: Damn that is quite the spenis
You: Thanks grams, this took some serious desk smashing to achieve.

Pudding: I love the way you plunge into me with your spenis.
by Spenis Lover12 December 28, 2008
Multiple Spenis, See. Spenis
Wow, that is a lot of Speni in that text document.
by DeadlyDL April 04, 2011
The green Captain Falcon skin in Super Smash Brothers
"Hey are you gonna be playing as spenis?"
by spelover July 17, 2015
A phallic creature created with the Spore Creature Creator.

Most of these creatures are made to dance in ways that cause their protrusions to wobble joyfully.

Also known as Spore Penis Creatures.
Wow, that's a pretty rad Spenis you've created there, now make it dance.
by Roll Tony June 19, 2008
the penis of a Spanish man; Spanish penis.
The girl fears the spenis.
by uttam maharjan August 27, 2010
"Super Penis"
"Hey Ive got a Spenis"
by Kyle Blizzard November 04, 2003
a word that is only spelled in banana peels, means "banana peels are cool"
Jeff: "hey indo let's spell spenis in banana peels"
by Jeffrey Sun January 25, 2008
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