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A man's name, also girl's apparently. Brinton is not a well known name. Brinton is a respectable man with great attributes and low respect for those who suck in life. Brinton is usually successful at everything he does at life and can hold a happy relationship at a young age unlike the rest of the human population. He can sweet talk a girl just by looking at her but when he actually talks to a girl she'll melt. Brinton is not the normal hormonal teenager, he has a real heart.
Brinton won our game of 2 on 2 again..can't he just lose?
by littlepurpleguy9 August 05, 2011
The sexiest man or woman to ever walk the planet.
that brinton is sure hot!
by Dr Suesses husband June 13, 2010
The sexiest woman to walk the planet, she loves her boyfriend, and does everything to make him happy. She is very good in bed, is smart, pretends to be awkward but isn't unless she purposefully makes herself. By far the best woman alive. There is too much too describe.
Dang Erica, you're like Brinton, except no one is as good as her.
by iamrockzorstheleet January 02, 2009
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