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A russian name meaning fun, awesome, and a name to be jealous of
That Speight guy is really cool

I wish i could be Speight, because they are so cool
by bejealoussir October 02, 2011
Favourite beer in New Zealand. Remarkably tasteless and weak but perfect for volume drinking.
Drink Speight's - lose your mates
by Standoc August 29, 2007
One who acts like a coward in a troubled situation. Enjoys hanging around public transport environments in a still manner.
"Oi, you speight, liven up!"
by Dave Muddy May 08, 2008
Ramming your dick so far in a girls ass that she screams "Daddy, I can taste it in my mouth!!!"
I want you to speights me Daddy!!!
by pineapple333444467 May 30, 2016
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