n., v., adj., depending on context
1) noun - an undesireable item located within an oxymoronicly desireable circumstance
2) verb - a sexual act which can be performed in closets and *only* in closets. details of said act can not be written as to read them would only result in multiple orgasms for the reader, thus the use of the word speeming, to protect the reader from such pleasure, should they be in a public place
3)adjective - the word becomes an adjective when the suffix 'tastic' is added. its a complimentary word and can be used referring to the positive appearance of someone's feet or shoes, and only their feet/shoes.
1) "let's go to the concert!!! aww, no! your car broke down!!! what a piece of speem!!!"
2) "johnny and jane were speeming again?!?! whoooa....so THATS why they've been so happy this week...."
3) "amy! speemtastic shoes!"
by lofting October 09, 2006
Top Definition
The yellow milk of majesty, otherwise denoted by an in-body mixture of piss and sperm which is readily available for pump-loading and shooting like a water gun.
1) I held Mr. Wozniak's class hostage with a bladder full of speem.
2) If speem could talk, what would it tell you?
by thigh magic March 21, 2007
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