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term first coined by me and friends to refer to the countless laughably unsingleminded white guys and girls that inhabit major cities in the uk.

johnnys are white guys whose behaviour is a disgrace to the male gender. this includes when they dress up for fancy dress/themed nights and make fools out of themselves in attempts to impress janes in the hope of securing sloppy white people sex for later on.

johnnys also love public houses where they can drink to excess and then blame their disgraceful behaviour on their alcohol consumption.

their disgraceful, unfunny, cringeworthy & uncool white behaviour is frequently passed off as "banter" which makes it acceptable and even encouraged in todays white society.

however, johnnys seem to be able to cast spells over janes because janes invariably pair off with johnnys despite their disgraceful, typically white and uncool behviour.

in this way, johnnys and janes feed off one another and depend on one another to feel vindicated in their own disgraceful behaviour. they are ideally suited to one another, so mush so that they will never realise how disgracefully white their behaviour is.
an indie/rock/70s or themed/fancy dress night is a typical johnny and jane function.

johnny: waheyyy johnny boy how ya doin?! cheers mate!
johnny II: waheyy johnny lad, how are ya?! where's jane?!
jane: here i am woooo! i love indie music wooo!
jane II: wooo i love 70s nights! wooo!
johnny: ah there you are jane II, come ere giv us a kiss!
jane II: wooo!
suave onlooker: (shakes head) what a fuckin bunch of johnnys.
by johnnysarewhatiswrong May 05, 2010
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