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n. An individual who possesses the qualities of both a spaz and a tard; one who overreacts in a moronic manner. Credit belongs to Canadian K. Fellows for coining the term in 2000.
Calm down, you f*cking spaztard!
Someone who is a cross between spaz and retarded. Often very lovable and somewhat drunk, or in a permanant state of stoned.
'Lol, you spaztard.'
by Lover of Connor November 07, 2006
A delightful combination of spaztic and retard. The eccentric word is perfert to describe and define many a folk!
Annie: Andy! You are such a spaztard!!! Dude!!!
by Helchel Noriffe April 27, 2007
An extremely retarded spastic. A cross between the two words that makes a term one above in insultness level. Spaztard > spastic > retard. Also spelt spastard. But only spaztards spell it like that.
Me- I dropped my stapler and stapled my foot

Some other guy- You spastard

Me- you spaztard spelling spaztard spastar

Same other guy- how do you know how I spell it.

Me- I stalk you on twitter, Facebook, instagram.
by tomjdog April 15, 2014
Someone who was clearly thrown at a wall when they were born. Also known as noob.
Harry : 'I just ate a shoe HERRDUURP'

Michael : 'You spaztard.'
by Raywr. December 29, 2010
An EXTREMELY special person with a mental problem. Used mostly as an insult but not ment to offend too much.
Wow, your such a spaztard!
by XxJDAxX April 29, 2015
A peron who emcompasses qualities of a mentally challenged person.
Spastic + Retard = Spaztard

Usually has the intelligence of a brick covered in shit

Also a polite version of fucktard
Lydia you fucking spaztard
by Spanky Pants October 25, 2005

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