What you call yourself when you get to the putting green and you're all shaky and can't perform at your best
When asked about his play on the last day at Augusta, Woods replied: "I putted atrociously today. Once I got on the greens, I was a spaz."
by Thx1138the-real-one April 15, 2006
To become unreasonably upset, stressed or irritated.
"Veronica, Stop having such a spaz."
by the leper September 25, 2005
1.A person who gets mad at the drop of a dime of somthing smalls and blows it up in to a big unnesssary deal.

2. some one who hold in all their problems and explodes all at once over nothing.
Dude Joe just spazed on me for not writting down hes messeage
by Heather September 21, 2004
A momentary lapse of reason
Quite acting like a spaz...
by Ryan Landeis August 23, 2004
A Valley Girl term for a loser, usually very crazy or hyper.
UGGHHH!!!! My annoying little brother is such a spaz!!
by -s0 October 25, 2006

Teacher's terms.

A child with "Emotional and/or Behavioural difficulties" who is constantly aggressive, disruptive and beligerant in lessons.
"You can say George has special needs but he's basically a spaz"
by mr teacher February 21, 2006
(v.)using an shotgun in any fps game to harass the player(s) or the entire group; The act of Harassing a FPS player with a shotgun esp. in Combat Arms
This guy loves to spaz to level up
by Loelin December 10, 2008

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