idiot; retarted. can be used when someone is acting stupid/weird.
i feel like a total spaz!!
by ladybugs_rock May 23, 2005
a spaz means like when ppl do sumthing wrong or sumthing and actin like wankers aka normally chavs,chavvetes and spazzes
harry: lol u did ur mum

Tommy:u spaz it wernt me it was Bradley
by Emz*England99* May 09, 2006
A person that isnt handicapped but should be. Always acting retarded. Doing rediculous things before thinking. Jerkin it to Big Toys.
"Jimmy is a spaz!"
"Stop being such a fucking spaz Jimmy!"
"OMG! Jimmy you are a fuckin spaz!"
"Geoff watches porn about big toys. He is such a spaz!"
by Towilee addict June 11, 2005
Hyper or Delusional
Chris is such a spaz if she thinks she has knowledge.
by d Bog March 05, 2004
Playing music too slowly to appear strange
Nicky is such a spaz when she plays mp3's
by JB2 April 11, 2006
Spaz is a shorter version of Spazmodically_insane, who was a forumer. What made him stand out was the fact that he hated n00bs so much that he ragged and flamed them constantly.
Another dirrivetive of the above spaz. To lash out at someone who is inexperienced or otherwise a n00b.
N: With all of his falming, he's another Spaz.

V: Come on man, don't spaz.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
My new kitties name.....He freaks out a lot and that is how it got its name!!
Spaz!!! Get your cute little cat butt over here!!
by Skye July 27, 2004

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