(v.)using an shotgun in any fps game to harass the player(s) or the entire group; The act of Harassing a FPS player with a shotgun esp. in Combat Arms
This guy loves to spaz to level up
by Loelin December 10, 2008
a person who cannot control his or her mind they have major problems
Chris is the biggest spaz.
by Chris"spaz" November 08, 2003
a male/female who had cereal too sugary and was acting wierd all day. usually unemployed.
OK honey, i have to go eat breakfast. (5 min. l8er) Man, these frosted flakes are... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I a SPAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone who is actually spasticated (acts like a complete retard) can be a window licker or someone who is stupid as fuck like dan for example (look below )
ben: oi dan whats 2+2
dan: erm ...... 5
ben: dude ur a fucking spaz
by spacmosher June 29, 2006
idiot; retarted. can be used when someone is acting stupid/weird.
i feel like a total spaz!!
by ladybugs_rock May 23, 2005
a spaz means like when ppl do sumthing wrong or sumthing and actin like wankers aka normally chavs,chavvetes and spazzes
harry: lol u did ur mum

Tommy:u spaz it wernt me it was Bradley
by Emz*England99* May 09, 2006
A person that isnt handicapped but should be. Always acting retarded. Doing rediculous things before thinking. Jerkin it to Big Toys.
"Jimmy is a spaz!"
"Stop being such a fucking spaz Jimmy!"
"OMG! Jimmy you are a fuckin spaz!"
"Geoff watches porn about big toys. He is such a spaz!"
by Towilee addict June 11, 2005
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