1. When rapping and doing a good job at it. Used a lot when rapping against someone.

2. What happens when you really mad and about to fight.
1. I'm bout to spaz drop the beat.
2. I spazed on dude. He was talkin' shit.
by Fire October 09, 2003
a retarded or mentally ill person whose body moves around like a piece of jello
you r acting like a spaz!
by blair witch August 09, 2003
A person who is medium pimpin/caffiene high constantly
"Spaz is the sheeeit"
by Tiff February 21, 2004
Yet another name for Vagina, also known as Spaz Hole. Comes from the idea that when the clitoris is stimulated the woman can sometimes move involuntary like a disabled person (spastic) would when they have a fit. This "spaz" motion is referred to in the name.
ooooh baby I wanna lick your spaz
by thedigitalpunk July 17, 2006
When a girl gets asked out by a guy she likes, she goes crazy.
Jillian was spazzing out when she got asked out by Ryan.
by Poca Hontas March 20, 2004
a demented person or speacial needs
that daniel is a right spaz
by billy bob May 14, 2003
When a women is just about to have an orgasm. She spazes and does some freaky shit.
Bitch what the fuck are you doin....
I'm having a spaz hunny..........
by The clit commander April 09, 2003

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