Spastic person, highly energetic, a nonstop talking/ rambling manner, unable to sit still. Spaz's usually include nerdy teenagers with blond hair and blue eyes.
What up Spaz? or Dude, Spaz, calm down man.
by Quai April 01, 2007

from spasm, or spastic

1) One who has a proclivity for wild, random outburst of activity (to be a spaz).

2) An unusual display of random clumsiness (to throw a spaz)

3) An uncommon display of exceedingly random behaviour over a brief period of time (to spaz out).
1) He is a total and utter spaz.

2) He threw a spaz and dropped everything.

3) When he heard that his hamster had died he, like, totally spazed out.
by Galik May 30, 2010
A hyperactive person that acts in a strange way. Usually either rambling or completely quiet, clumsy, and seemingly illiterate or insane. A spaz is probably an awkward or socially unacceptable. ( usually an insult )
"God Janice, quit pacing, you look like a spaz!"

"I spilled the drink on him like a total spaz! I ruined the date, Becky."

"No one really talks to her, she's a spaz, you can't take her anywhere."
by Thatsmylydia June 02, 2015
short for spastic - derogatory term attributed to a person who has trouble controlling his or her limbs, a clumsy bugger
I don't want to go jogging thanks, I'd rather not look like a spazzy baboon
by my May 12, 2003
A person who is terrible at sports due to their complete lack of coordination and inability to grasp any concept even when demonstrated repeatedly to them.
Barack Obama scored a 37 in bowling. What a spaz!
by Lance Gauntlet May 24, 2010
to fangirling, losing control over someone that you really like.
she still spazzing when she watch her favorite group.
by No.H March 05, 2015
1.Someone who is very clumsy,

2.Bad fashion sense, some one who wears colours that don't match

3.Derogatory term for someone with the disease spastic syndrome, when using the word spaz in this way it is usually spelt Spazz

4.Someone who is hyperactive or over excited,

5.a SPAS is a type of shotgun
1.Jack: lol paul is a spaz he keeps getting ran over by parked cars

2.Baz: yeah he dresses like a spaz too, why does he have them jeans on which have the same pattern as a Scottish kilt

3.Random Mexican: yo holmes his sister probably has spastic syndrome
Jack: whoa who are you weirdo
Random Mexican: mey yo amigo holmes

Baz: how old are you 'bout 40? and your trying to chat up a 17 year old?
Random Mexican: What! chat up, yo crazy man? thats sick, yo ima gettin outta here man

(Random Mexican walks away)

4.Baz: lol that scared him off,

Jack:still he seemed to have a lot of energy though lol
Baz: yeah like a spaz

5.Jack: if paul had a sister tha Random Mexican probably would have had his head blown off with a SPAS within the hour lol
by NobodyLikePaul May 02, 2010
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